Beyond The Brush Studios is the new home of award winning miniature painter and player, Adam Abramowicz. After receiving top honors for painting at many of the nation's top events, he has set out to share his skills, expertise and prize-winning aesthetic with his fellow gamers and hobbyists. 

Adam has been painting miniatures since he was a teenager. The hobby took a backseat to school and work until he decided to pick up the brush again at age 29. Since then, in just three short years he's amassed a list of Best Painted awards from the 2015 SCARAB Grand Tournament, 2015 Forge The Narrative Seasonal as well as the 2015 Warzone Atlanta Grand Tournament. He's also taken home Best Overall, with top painting scores and other top honors at one-day events around the world. Adam has recently completed a large commission job for the Frontline Gaming Studio and you can see it wielded by Frankie Giampapa on their video battle reports.

Adam is also a panelist on the Forge The Narrative Podcast. You can tune in each week to hear him talk hobby and gaming with the rest of the crew.

Away from the studio, Adam is an avid cyclist and co-founder of KindHuman Bicycles. He is married to the love of his life, Jenni. Together they have one child, Zoe, who is already showing some painting talent at a very young age. They are guarded by Hutchinson, the big mean (not mean) Rhodesian Ridgeback. The family resides in South Carolina.


Ever since the day I showed up to that twenty-man tournament at Borderlands in Greenville, SC with my finally, fully painted Tau army - I've had fellow gamers ask me to paint their miniatures and armies. I never thought of myself as a "pro" painter or commission artist and to some degree, I still don't, I'm just a fanatic who loves to lay paint on little toys just as much as you do! I have gone on to paint several of my own armies as well as small-scale to large-scale projects for friends and fellow gamers on the side. I'm excited to get to work developing thematic creations for my fellow gamers and hobbyists. If you would like me to paint your next army, please contact me through the contact form to discuss your dream project as well as the current wait list and timeline.

I can't tell you enough how excited I am to go beyond the brush for you!