You will notice that I do not offer different levels of paint. I only paint to one standard. The same standard I use to paint my own armies. The same standard that has garnered Best Painted Awards at the nation's top tournaments and events. If you're looking for award winning quality to help your paint scores at your next tournament, or simply a gorgeous, fully painted force to field at your next Thursday game night - look no further!

All projects will utilize a mix of airbrush and layer work with a brush which I've come to be known for. I can also include weathering at different levels starting with simple dust and powders, working up to chipping, scarring, rust and splatter. I am known for my use of camouflage and patterns and I can create stencils or order stencils of your choosing for a small additional fee. Many projects can include object source lighting and glow effects on power weapons. All weathering and effects are at the discretion of my customer.


Depending on the scale of the project, I can have a fully painted force complete within 1-2 weeks. That is all dependent on how large the project is and what type of force I am painting. 1850 points of Grey Knights is much quicker to paint than 1850 points of [ INSERT HORDE ARMY HERE ]. With every quote, I will provide an estimated timeline for each project for us both to agree on. With that said, I will be very open with communication, sending progress updates so that you have full confidence while your models are on my table. I only ever work on one project at a time, so I will devote my full attention to your project once I begin laying paint.


A non-refundable deposit of $100 will reserve your spot in my schedule. I will require a 50% payment upon receiving your models and the remaining balance due upon completion and shipment of your project. I like to handle payment in this manner as many of these projects can be quite expensive and this allows my customers to spread the payment over a period of time. I've found that my customers prefer this method of payment. If there is another method that might work best for you, I'm always open to finding solutions that work best for the both of us. 


Do you have all of your models fully assembled or sitting on sprues waiting for paint? If not, you can place your order directly with Beyond The Brush Studios. We provide a 20% discount on all Games Workshop models purchased for commission work. This price is only available for commission project customers.


INFANTRY : $10-30 Dollars Per Model

This covers small troopers, power armour and terminator armour. For example, a ten man squad of Space Marines can cost $100-300 depending on the specific model, detail and scheme. Keep in mind, many Space Wolf, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Choas Space Marine models will be quoted higher due to their increased level of detail.

CAVALRY / BIKES : $30-50 Dollars Per Model

This covers any two-part models including bikes, jet bikes and mounted troops. For example, a three man unit of Thunderwolf Cavalry will cost $150, while a six man unit of Eldar Windriders may cost $180-300 depending on the scheme. Keep in mind, many Space Wolf, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Choas Space Marine models will be quoted higher due to their increased level of detail.

CHARACTERS : $30-100 Dollars Per Model

This covers any special characters with a higher level of detail and larger unique models. This is a general estimate as typically, models of this type are slightly more expensive than other units of their type.

VEHICLES / LARGE MODELS : $40-100+ dollars per model

Rhinos, Dreadnoughts, Drop Pods, Land Raiders, Razorbacks, and most standard vehicle are $65-85 dollars. Large skimmers and most Flyers start at $100.00. Monstrous Creatures like Wraithknights and Riptides typically begin around $150-200 depending on the scheme. Any additional work including but not limited to customization, accessories (infantry models firing weapons, ornaments, icons, etc.), or free hand painting will increase this price.


I am happy to assemble and magnetize your models for you. Bear in mind that assembly for a full army can take up to and many times over one week's time. This includes proper cutting, removal of mold lines, gap filling, etc. There will be an added cost of 25-30% of the final painting order. Magnetization will require a quote depending on the amount of magnetization and difficulty. Depending on the scale of the project, that price may be reduced at my discretion. 


All pricing includes basic bases. Basic bases feature textured paint, or sand with a few small features like rocks, skulls or tufts. Advanced basing, which may include cork, shale, ruins, lava, etc. will require a quote.


I've become known for my subtle conversion work. I'm happy to extend this same level of customization to my customers. All conversions will be accepted and quoted on a case by case basis.


You don't win max points at any tournament without an equally compelling display board. I've earned a lot of respect for my simple to carry and transport displays that are not only functional, but beautiful. If you would like a display board built to match your army, here are my prices.


I will build and paint a display board to match your current army theme. This may include trees, rocks, buildings and ruins.


Same as above, but you get a 50% discount when combined with the purchase of a fully painted army, 1500 points or higher.


All pricing featured are estimates. If you are interested in learning more, please CONTACT us for a formal quote.